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At 3D Polymer industries you will find PEEK carbon filaments of the highest quality!

We deliver standard high-end filaments & custom-made filaments

Standard High-end filaments

All 3D Polymer Industries PEEK filaments are very easy to print in comparison to other PEEK filaments on the market. We offer a wide range of high-end filaments, each with its specially engineered properties and all available in different quantities.

Our range of filaments consists of PEEK 3D Easyprint Virgin for an easy-to-print PEEK solution, PEEK 3D Easyprint Carbon HF for extra strength while remaining some flexibility, and PEEK 3D Easyprint Carbon HS for ultimate mechanical performance. 

Custom-made filaments

Unique in the world of 3D printing: custom-made filaments. These are our specials. We will engineer tailor-made filaments for customers having design challenges and require properties like high flexibility, high strength, low friction etc. After the engineering process we will analyse the material in our Test Centre and we will provide you with a sample. Furthermore, we can also offer you a print service so you only have to order the finished part.

THIS IS HOW custom-made filaments WORK

1. Assesment

We will reach out to you and discuss what material properties are required for your usecase. Next, our engineers will determine if your requirements are feasible and give further recommendations based on their experience. 

2. Quote

If your request is approved by our engineers you will receive a quote.

3. Test centre

When you place an order our engineers will start devoloping your custom-made filament which involves an extentive range of mechanical tests according to ISO standard to make sure the material satisfies your demands.

Convenience: We give your custom-made filament a unique code. With this you can easily backorder your filament so you will get your filament delivered in no-time!

Frequently asked questions

We always keep our regular filaments in stock, so your order will be shipped the same day. 

Every custom-made filament will be exclusively engineered according to your needs. Every filament is througoutfully tested in our Test Centre. On average the first spools of filament will be shipped within two to four weeks.


You can find everything about our certifications here.

You can download the datasheet of our regular filaments on their respective pages.

Do not hesitate and contact us today if you have any inquiries or if you want a custom-made filament!


For all your inquiries about our filaments or services you can contact us today!

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