3D Polymer Industries
Masters in PEEK based filaments


developing easy-to-print peek based filaments with excellent quality and properties at an affordable price level

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a high performance semi-crystaline themerplastic polymer. With its high mechanical strength, as well as temperature and chemical resistance, PEEK is an excellent choice to replace metal and ceramic parts. It is therefore often used to fabricate parts used in demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and medical industries. 

Because of the high viscosity of PEEK, it is difficult to process and therefore also difficult to 3D print. For this reason 3D Polymer Industries developed a special range of easy printing PEEK based filaments, which do not require industrial grade 3D printers making PEEK printing accessible for every size of business.

High-end filament

Easy-to-print & high performance

All 3D Polymer Industries PEEK filaments are very easy to print in comparison to other PEEK filaments on the market. We offer a wide range of high-end filaments, each with its specially engineered properties and all available in different quantities. Our range of filaments consists of PEEK 3D Easyprint Virgin for an easy-to-print PEEK solution, PEEK 3D Easyprint Carbon HF for extra strength while remaining some flexibility, and PEEK 3D Easyprint Carbon HS for ultimate mechanical performance. 


Custom-made & short lead times

Unique in the world of 3D printing: custom-made filaments. These are our specials. We will engineer tailor-made filaments for customers having design challenges and require properties like high flexibility, high strength, low friction etc. After the engineering process we will analyse the material in our Test Centre and we will provide you with a sample. Furthermore, we can also offer you a print service so you only have to order the finished part.


Transparent & reliable

All filaments, samples and specials are accompanied with a datasheet which gives a clear overview of the mechanical properties of the material, as well as recommendations for 3D printing. Every material is carefully tested in our Test Centre facility according to ISO standards. In this way we can ensure the high quality of our products.

Fast delivery

In stock & custom-made

3D Polymer Industries is capable to deliver on very short notice. Our standard range of filaments are always in stock and ready for delivery. Custom-made filaments can also be engineered, produced and tested promptly when this is required by the customer. In this way your project or prototype will be ready in no time!

For every user

Large & small companies

We aim to provide for every business regardless of size or demands. From small end-users to large consumers, we can always make an offer to suite your needs. Just send us a mail with your requirements and we will make you a special offer.


on demand 3D print service
and additional manufacturing

On demand 3d print service

High quality & fast production

3D Polymer Industries offers a print service for your custom designed parts or prototypes using our own range of materials. You can upload your design on our website to get an instant price indication and send us your order, after which our printers will go to work! 

additional manufacturing

High accuracy & many solutions

Besides an on demand 3D print service, 3D Polymer Industries also offers the possibility to do all sorts of additional manufacturing needed for your 3D printed PEEK parts. With our 25 years experience of machining PEEK we are able to perform any type of additional manufacturing method.